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Chemical Peel

A Chemical Peel is a professional procedure to remove the upper layers of damaged skin, speeding up the process of skin renewal and regrowth. We have a variety of chemical peels to suite your unique skin. These range from very gentle to more aggressive treatments. 

The Benefits of a Chemical Peel:

Reduces Acne

Lightens & Brightens

Evens Skin Tone

Reduces Scarring

Reverses the Signs of Aging

Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles


Promotes Collagen

And much more!


Pre Care

In order to receive a chemical peel, the skin must be prepped and ready. This means you will need to be on a professional “active” skincare regimen curated by Arielle for at least 4 weeks before your treatment. 


Lack of preparation can lead to issues during and after the treatment, including healing time. It’s important to take the necessary steps in order to achieve the optimum results. 


Post Care

After receiving your chemical peel, you will need to care for your skin to ensure it heals correctly. Half of the results from the treatment depend on how well you take care of your skin at home afterward.

Make sure you have the proper products to care for, protect, and heal your skin after the treatment. These will be different from your “active” homecare.

Steps to remember after any level of peel:

• Avoid ALL sun exposure
• Avoid exercise and sweating for 24-48 hours
• Avoid baths and try to prevent the shower from spraying directly onto the face
• Do not pick, rub, or unnecessarily touch peeling skin or face
• Minimize facial expression


How to heal skin faster:

• Wear and reapply sunscreen every 2 hours
• Keep skin moisturized with lipids, fatty acids, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid
• Provide an occlusive barrier on top of your moisturizing layer at all times
• Apply gentle enzymes for 3 days post peel until peeling has stopped to naturally exfoliate the skin

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