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DMK Skin Revision

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Enzyme therapy is a highly sought after skin revision process that works differently than anything else on the market. This treatment works with your skin and reeducates it to function properly like a young healthy skin would. Pigmentation, aging, acne, eczema, and rosacea are all caused by cellular dysfunction below the surface. Enzyme therapy corrects the skin conditions at the source of the problem by enabling optimal cellular function so you can start to produce clear firm healthy skin. DMK only uses pure botanical ingredients and is never tested on animals. 


It is a hard setting face and body mask that is applied from the décolletage, up the neck and over the face. The mask contains transfer messenger enzymes that stimulate naturally occurring enzymes within the skin to accelerate the cellular processes.  Once it dries it will create a downward pressure and pulsating action. That stimulates the circulatory system to pump fresh oxygenated blood throughout the capillaries, dilating them and creating a Plasmatic Effect. The red capillaries usually show on the neck and décolletage. It indicates nutrients from freshly oxygenated blood have been delivered to the skin cells.  In addition to bringing the good it also removes the bad. Detoxifies, moves stagnant blood and dead cell material through the lymphatic system with a process known as reverse osmosis. Enzyme Therapy will also stimulate your facial muscles and increase your skins free water levels to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Each treatment is tailored to the client's skin needs. In a series they are designed to restore balance in the skin and deliver long term results. Even if you are genetically blessed with beautiful skin, Enzyme Therapy is a great way to maintain healthy skin and prevent premature aging. Professional skincare products need to be used daily at home for maintenance between treatments. Home care products play an essential part of seeing beautiful results. I recommend starting with a package of 3, 6 , or 8 Enzymes to kick start oxygenation and begin the rejuvenation process. This is a must try facial treatment that will benefit anyone with a face!


Muscle Banding

Ageing is a result of the decline in skin functioning. DMK Muscle Banding is a technique used to lift, tone, and tighten the skin. It works by causing the muscles to contract, reinvigorating circulation, increasing amino acids, and restoring optimal function. It rebuilds a stronger healthier better functioning skin, stimulating collagen and elastin and strengthens the matrix, giving skin back its bounce. Even before signs of ageing become apparent, this treatment works to prevent the decline in the functioning of your skin that causes ageing. Whether you want to maintain or regain a tight youthful appearance, DMK Muscle Banding is like the army that comes in and stops the decline that causes skin to age.

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